Colours and joie de vivre

Lene Schmidt-Petersen's artistic activities are centered around cheerful colours and joie de vivre. Her goal in using a multitude of colours is to bring cheerfulness into people's busy lives. Ever since being a little girl she has been creative in both painting and drawing, but in 1981 she had a break through when she got to exhibit at the Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since then she has developed her artistic skills, but colours, fantasy and joie de vivre have always been key aspects in her artwork.

Already as a young girl she started paying attention to the effect of colours on the human mind and today she thinks of colours as vital to the cheerful mood. Expressive colours are therefore always an important ingredient in her paintings, and as she puts it herself: "You can compare art to champagne: it should bubble and fizz, and it is perfectly alright to get a little intoxicated".