Traveling and exhibitions abroad

Clarinetist in the blue roomLene Schmidt-Petersen's carrier as artist has also resulted in travelling abroad.

In 1997 she went to Kiev, Ukraine, where she participated in a big international art festival as a representative of the County of Odense, Denmark. She met both local and foreign artists, which was a big experience.

In January 2000 She exhibited in the Bruton Street Gallery in London at their 'Millenium Show'.

In November 2000 she got a scholarship at the Richmond Art Center at the Loomis Chaffee School, Connecticut, USA, where she worked in their studio and gave a lecture about painting techniques and colours. People showed big interest in her paintings and she made many contacts in the USA.

In May 2002 she visited the Vatican in Rome, where she exhibited 10 paintings in the Gallery 'La Pigna'.