Themes and technique

Lene Schmidt-Petersen expresses herself around a number of themes: musicians, compositions, models, portraits and nature.

In her compositions, she paints histories of someone's life all of which are centered around being with other people. In her paintings you find the girl in her party dress and the white angel, but at the same time the 'dark individual' is showing since life is not all joy and pleasures. People shouldn't forget about the dark side of life since then they would not appreciate the bright side of life, which she thinks of as the duality of life. At the same time it is however important to remember to live in the present which the hourglass symbolizes.

She has developed a special technique with which she paints her paintings. The paint is a mixture of oil-and-acrylic paint which gives the painting a very impasto look which allows her to work with shadows in different ways.