345 - Lene Schmidt-Petersen: "Et øjeblik hvor dagens farve trænger sig på" (80x100 cm)
346 - Lene Schmidt-Petersen: "Den iagttagende bevidsthed" (80x100 cm)
348 - Lene Schmidt-Petersen: "Nænsom tilstedeværelse" (60x80 cm)
351 - Lene Schmidt-Petersen: "Forandringens åbning" A (35x120 cm)
353 - Lene Schmidt-Petersen: "Selvets åbning i nærværet" (60x80 cm)
354 - Lene Schmidt-Petersen: "Tillidsfuld intuition" (60x80 cm)
355 - Lene Schmidt-Petersen: "Dage i lyset" (60x80 cm)
357 - Lene Schmidt-Petersen: "Forståelse for sandheden" A (60x80 cm)
358 - Lene Schmidt-Petersen: "Forståelse for sandheden" B (60x80 cm)
360 - Lene Schmidt-Petersen: "En enkel opmærksomhed" (50x60 cm)
366 - Lene Schmidt-Petersen: "Den indre verdens klare sind" (35x120 cm)
368 - Lene Schmidt-Petersen: "Den afklarende visualisering" (60x80 cm)
369 - Lene Schmidt-Petersen: "Det skabende lys" (60x80 cm)

More paintings from this series

A Poetic Interpreter of Nature

By Lars Lisberg, author and art critic

Lene Schmidt-Petersen knows that in her art, it is important to have equal respect for the experience of sight, the motive and the craft and there is therefore a rich perception and strong emotions in her paintings, giving space to play in mind and to be who you are.

Intensity, feeling, joy and awe grow out of the powerful and timeless pictorial universe. Lene is in a space where the mystical and visionary powers put fertile clues to both imagination and reason in which poetry participates to inspire and lead.

Intense Memories of Landscape.

In open, sensual and dynamic paintings the artist portrays the impressions of the landscape left in her and the atmosphere of nature itself.

The titles of Lene's paintings reveal again and again that the experiences of nature has been initiating for her and these outer memories of landscape are also pictures of the human landscapes where honest and warm dialogues are leading elements.

Now the artist suspends the boundaries between present and past, she prolongs the moment and she gives us imagination, dreams and faith back and here I sometimes feel a bit of sadness and pain embedded in her works. Lene's art is very interesting, meaningful and full of spontaneity.