The Vatican

Lene Schmidt-Petersen with Cardinal Hans DeckerLene Schmidt-Petersen with the nun Dolores and Cardinal KolinoLene Schmidt-Petersen was interviewed by several tv-stationsIn May 2002 Lene Schmidt-Petersen made a journey to the Vatican in Rome, where she had 10 of her paintings in an exhibition at the gallery 'La Pigna' for 10 days. The invitation to the exhibition was brought about through a friend in SaƵ Paolo in Brazil, and Lene Schmidt-Petersen was thus the only Dane with 8 Brazilians who exhibited in the gallery. Lene Schmidt-Petersen's paintings showed Ballerinas, Musicians and Models and she was complimented for her art.

It was a big experience to exhibit in the Vatican and Lene Schmidt-Petersen made friendships with both artists and cardinals. During the visit Lene Schmidt-Petersen also saw the Pope since all the artists got invited to a canonization ceremony.

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